Accounts Payable

All contractors write purchase orders and all contractors have to process invoices against those purchase orders.  The challenge for most contractors is managing the workflow involved with that process which includes ensuring that the invoices paid do not exceed the purchase order amounts.  APAssist is the construction process management tool that can integrate with your existing accounting software to track and manage the accounts payable process from start to finish.

APAssist Benefits
Accelerate Processing
Take days, even weeks off invoicing processing with built in work flow. Centrally located images, invoice detail, and PO
detail allows for entry, processing and approval of invoices from anywhere, at anytime.

Enhanced Oversight and Controls
The Executive Statusboard not only ensures invoices are processed in a timely fashion, but also promotes full accountability of the
accounting and purchasing department staff as well.

Monitor Material Costs
With integration into your Purchasing software, you can see side by side quantities and prices, and invoice to PO. This will ensure that the invoice quantities and amounts tie directly back to your purchase order. 

Reduce Administrative Costs
The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to process invoices without
involving extra personnel.

Reduce Risk of Misplaced Paperwork
Electronically scanned invoice images reduce the likelihood of losing or misplacing
original invoices.                                                                                      

Save Money
Meet your discount deadlines every time with decreased time from
the point of entry, to approval, to payment.

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