Purchasing Control Systems (PCS)

This Purchasing Control System provides you with total control over the material purchasing process, allowing you to get the right material to the job, on time, and at the best possible price.  It also provides subcontract management and compliance functions to ensure you provide the necessary documentation and waivers. 


The Purchase Order Entry program allows for fast lookup of material items from a list of frequently purchased items, company standard items by category and sub category, or a complete catalog of items from your trade service updates.

  A built in option to analyze pricing allows each line item to be checked for the best possible price across all vendors and equivalent items.  

While the best price is not always the determining factor, the pricing analysis feature provides the buyer with better negotiating information, and maintains a history of when material could have been purchased at a better price.

Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Release Orders, Material Requisitions, Subcontract agreements and Quotation Requests can be viewed, printed and/or emailed.

This Purchasing Control System is a comprehensive, full featured software product that will interface to your current accounting system by receiving job and vendor information from your existing tables, and sending purchase order details into your Accounts Payable and Job Cost tables.

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